What is Onan Classics? 

We specialize in creating one of a kind Bluetooth audio systems.

By combining quality vintage pieces with classic speakers and modern technology, we breath new life into products of the past. 


What is a Traveltone?

An Onan Classic built from a vintage suitcase or carrying case. A unique portable boombox for music lovers on the go! All Traveltones have a rechargeable battery option.


Can I supply my own case?  

Yes! We love doing custom work. Send us your ideas and let’s make that old suitcase sing!    


How does my Onan Classic work? 

Simply plug into any wall outlet with the 12v power supply included, or any 12v dc power source, turn your Traveltone to the ON position, connect to the wireless Bluetooth, or plug into "AUX" input (if included),

and adjust the volume.


Do all Onan Classics have a rechargeable battery?

Only our Traveltone models or custom builds have the option of a rechargeable lithium battery. 


How long do the batteries last?

We use Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries that will typically run up to 18 hours on a full charge. Time of use may vary dramatically from 8 hours to 20+ hours, depending on the volume of playback and use of the USB phone charger. 

*Most issues are due to dead batteries, so we highly recommend leaving your case plugged in and charging whenever possible to extend the overall battery life. Leaving your case plugged into a wall whenever possible will keep the battery from naturally discharging overtime and save from battery replacement costs down the line. Batteries may need to be replaced if they go extended periods of time uncharged.    


How do I replace the battery if it goes bad?

We offer free battery replacement within the first year of purchase. After the first year, we offer a battery replacement service of $50 plus any shipping costs.    


How do I connect to Bluetooth?

Make sure that your phone, laptop, or other device has Bluetooth enabled, is not paired or connected to any other speakers, and is within range. Switch your Onan Classic to the ON position, find the name of the Bluetooth speaker under discoverable devices, select and click to connect. 


What’s the range of Bluetooth?

We use Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X, rated for use of distances up to 30 feet. A variety of factors and environments may affect this range such as walls, people, other Bluetooth devices connected to your device, etc.


How do the USB charger and battery charger work?

Just plug the battery charger into any wall outlet, then into the power input of the case, and let it be.

It’s fully automatic and can be turned on for use as it’s charging. The USB input allows you to charge any device that can be charged from a USB port.


Does my Onan Classic come with a warranty?

Yes. The amplifier, speakers, battery, and any internal/external components have a 1-year warranty from the original purchase date.Typically we can take care of most issues and cover parts/labor within the first year of use. Buyer will be responsible for any applicable shipping fees required to send the case to our workshop and back.    


What if my Onan Classic is more than 1 year old?

After the initial 12 month timeframe, a small fee may be charged for additional repairs/cost of parts.

Most repairs cost $50 to $125 in parts and labor. Please note that damage to vintage speakers may cost more to replace. The owner is responsible for all associated shipping charges.  

Please contact us for further questions regarding repairs. 


Return Policy

Building each Onan Classic is a passion of ours and we take great pride in our work.

The amount of craftsmanship and pre-testing with each piece assures us that our product will last a long time.

If you have any issue with your product, please feel free to contact us.


All Sales are final. No cancellations or returns once an item is purchased.  

In case of a rare malfunction and your product does not work, it can be returned and a refund will be issued after inspection and diagnosis. 

Refunds will only be issued if after the inspection it is determined that the malfunction was due to workmanship or faulty parts. 





Onan Classics LLC. is not responsible for damage due to improper charging/care/storage or injury caused by misuse. However, in the event of a rare malfunction please contact us via email onanon@onanclassics.com

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